Over 90% of all property searches start online!

It therefore stands to reason that the most obvious place to find your next tenant would be via one of the major property portals.

That is why we will advertise your property on all of the major property portals and many other well know local and national portals. We don't believe in having high street shops and a branded fleet of cars.

We just believe in saving Landlords money without compromising on customer service or advertising exposure.


We are striving to be a leading online lettings agent. We do everything you'd expect from any local high street lettings agent, but because we do most of the work online and don't have high street shops, we can offer a flexible and cost efficient service which can help save Landlords thousands in comparison to the more traditional high street lettings agent model.

Our company is built using the latest web / telephone based technology and a genuine desire to provide best in class customer service. Join other Landlords today as we seek to lead the lettings revolution!

Where do we operate?

Our HQ is in Hemel Hempstead but we operate a nationwide service.


Guaranteed Rent 52 weeks a year – even if your property is empty!

Our Guaranteed Rent Scheme offers landlords a reliable fixed income 52 weeks of the year with none of the hassles you would normally expect to encounter when letting your property.

With Secured Rent there are never void or vacant periods. This means you will still receive your rent if your property is empty or the tenants do not pay us on time.Unlike an estate or letting agent, there are no fees or commission to pay.